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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The A-B-C of Teaching Learning Process

An integral way of life is something that integrates natural human qualities in a human being. Away from the definitions by the thinkers and philosophers; for me, it is a way of living that makes a human being more humane. Taking this concept to higher education, it is important in today's world to create students who are more sincere, transparent, honest and logical. And the onus of it lies largely on the educators who can, by their efforts, sincerity, dedication, and meticulous planning make this happen.

In today's era when we are losing youth to vices, an approach to understand them, talk to them, and nurture them may help. The teaching nowadays has moved beyond the classroom and so is the teacher-student relationship. In order to develop the fullest potential of the students, it is required that we find some time to look into the hearts and souls of the students. A small 'hi', a pat on the back, listening to their issues, interacting with them beyond the classroom does not cost much to the educator but means a lot to the students. Also important here is to be empathetic and non-judgmental. There can be many ways in which one can do this but for me, as a higher education educator, is the mantra of A-B-C, that stands for Availability, Bonding & Communication.

Being available to students at the time of need is utmost important for any educator. One cannot just restrict students to classrooms; and it's not because of any rule, it's out of our love not only for our students but also for our profession. Learning takes place round the clock and more of it takes place outside the walls of classrooms. Students, at times, may discover something to learn and may want to discuss the same with you. At sometimes, it is possible that they may just want our opinion or may talk to us for something that is not related directly to the course but is related to human life; life outside institutes, universities and colleges. One must try to bond and keep the doors of communication open for our learners. The role of a teacher does not limit to the word 'teacher': for me it is a combination of a facilitator, a friend, a guide, and a philosopher!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Are you Listening?

I want to listen!!!
Certain skills, once mastered, enrich our lives forever. Listening, one such neglected skill is truly valuable in every aspect of life and business. Listening affects all communication and we spend more time engaging in listening than any other form of communication, yet we still practice unlistening. Listening is the deliberate process by which we receive, understand and retain aural stimuli. Almost everyone can hear, but few can really listen well. Effective listening is hearing and understanding the message being sent and using body language to confirm that you are listening.

People find it very hard to listen just because they don't want to; and more importantly they are not trained to. Listening; just like reading, speaking, and writing is a skill in itself that needs to be taken care of, especially by the educators at all the levels. Poor listening is also one of the major reasons to unacceptable (poor) English speaking. At least, half an hour of listening (not hearing), to the native speakers of the language is required in order to attain proficiency, especially if you are the second or the third learner.

Happy Listening!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What is the difference between an idiom and a saying?

An idiom is a phrase or group of words with a meaning that is not obvious from the individual words (for example, "rain cats and dogs", meaning "rain heavily"). Even if you know all the words (rain, cat, dog), you will probably not understand "rain cats and dogs" if you don't know the idiom. "Rain cats and dogs" is not a saying because it does not express a general truth.

A saying is a short expression that expresses a general truth and contains advice or wisdom (for example, "once bitten, twice shy", meaning that an unpleasant experience makes us more careful the next time). If you know the words (once, bite, twice, shy) you can probably understand what this saying means. "Once bitten, twice shy" is not an idiom because it is understandable from the individual words.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Other Woman

Dethroned and discarded mercilessly
By this biased society
She holds no place in
 anyone’s range of clemency
All sympathies for her
And forgiveness for him
But she acquires nothing more
Than a label; a label
That haunts her every moment
A tag that is tagged on to her
Despite her sincerities and loyalties
To his first man to whom she is
The other woman
She is always blamed to have
Stolen one’s love, one’s mate
But didn’t he himself with
All his will and desire
Opted her in his life?

Ankita Khanna

Monday, July 02, 2012


Tied to the shackles of humiliation
I am a free citizen of a free country
My head held high not with pride
But to attentively listen
To master's untimely commands
Lost is my respect in the whirlwinds
Of slavery and no one;
No one other than me can filch it back.
It's time to awaken; stimulate my dead spirits
And move freely stealing graceful movements
 From a feline.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012



I invite you all to Natcon 2012:  A Two Day National Level Conference on "English Language and Literature : Across Cultures" organised in collaboration with Tjells. We look forward to your scholarly essays in the Conference.

All details about the Conference can be had from our web site Kindly visit and know about it.

I also request you to communicate this to as many people as you can and encourage them also to contribute and participate. 

Tjells Jounal
Ankita Khanna

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Soulmate

A touch, when outshines
thousands of words
leaving behind other forms
of communication
you are sure to have been
touched by your soul mate.

The eyes, when, lock
only to express fondness
and admiration leaving behind
complaints and demands
ignoring your follies,
appreciating your strength,
you are sure to have been
looked at by your soul mate.

The voice, when appears
unusually soft and melodious,
conveying words; spoken – unspoken
displaying honesty
in each syllable,
you are sure to have 
heard your soulmate.